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We have a variety of opportunities for you to paddle, with varying levels of difficulty. Whether you prefer a gentle paddle with a group of friends or want to improve and challenge your fitness levels, we aim to have a paddle that is a good fit for you. Once you have graduated from the ‘Paddle Academy’ you have a number of paddles to choose from.

Social paddle
This is a gentle 45 minute paddle suitable for beginners or those who like to take it easier and take in the colour, sounds and serenity of being on the water. Time is taken to gently exercise, improve paddle technique and enjoy catching up with dragon friends.

Technical paddle
This an easier paddle with a focus on improving paddling technique. It is a little more challenging than the social paddle and will build and improve paddling skills .

Training paddle
This is an intermediate, 45 minute session where you can push yourself a little harder, as you are taken through technique, endurance and strength drills. During regatta season, sessions will include race preparation to compete with other Dragon Boat teams across Ireland (and further afield) - these events are always a highlight of our calendar!

Extreme paddle
This is an intense 90 minute session for those who want to train hard and improve fitness. During racing season this boat will include paddlers who are intending to compete in regattas.

Summer timetable
4-6 paddles per week including week day, weekends and evening paddles. 

Winter timetable
2-4 paddles per week including week days and weekends

Land training
1-2 times per week in winter. This includes, fitness, yoga/pilates classes and ergometer training. If the weather conditions are unsuitable they may be replaced by land training. Ergometer training is available all year round.

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